Ep 19 - Michael Tabman
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Michael Tabman, Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge. Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate. Host, Crimes and Times, and renouned speaker joins the program to tell us his journey, how to successfully manage a situation with Law Enforcement and he tells some really cool stories and his time on the force and how to find opportunity!  
He tells us about his three books and then about his youtube show, "crimes and times." Crimes and Times is a weekly live stream talk show that airs at 8pm CST. It is hosted by retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman. The show features expert guests such as forensic scientists, FBI agents and other law enforcement personnel as well as prosecutors, defense attorneys, subject matter experts and politicians. The show is centered around discussing the current hot topics in crime and politics across the country and around the globe.

One of my favorite gems that Michael Tabman gave us was "Not to my knowledge" as a quick response while testifying in court when you don't know the information. 

Crimes and Times Podcast
You can find all of the "Crimes and Times" epiosdes on his youtube channel
Michael recommends we listen to the "Undercover" episode that I've listed below:

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Michael's Books
The Mob. Drug Cartels. Undercover Operations. Terrorism Investigations. Street Crimes. What can we learn? Dr Pepper Snapple CEO Larry Young says,"CEOs looking for simple ways to avoid complex problems should read this book. Tabman imparts valuable information in a witty and readable style. I have seen his consulting firm put these concepts into action, and they work. Read the book and have Tabman's company on speed dial." Read true stories retired FBI Agent and ex-cop Michael Tabman relates to teach us some valuable life lessons. Tabman shares behind-the-scenes decision making that resulted in an operation either succeeding or failing. Readers will be intrigued by parallels between police work and daily life challenges, and how basic law enforcement concepts can resolve problems and conflicts. The parallels are compelling. In an approach that captivates the reader, Tabman explains the similarities with candid descriptions and dramatic, and often humorous, vignettes from his days on the force. The concept that rushing into a melee without stopping to think is as dangerous in police work as it is in business and our relationships is one example of how this book will open new and energizing doors. Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People is a gift to anyone seeking new and effective ways to recognize and prevent problems.

When a rookie cop walks on to the midnight shift, the lines between right and wrong become blurred. Every step he takes and every decision he makes has unforeseen consequences. His life will never be the same. Becoming a cop changes everything you thought you knew about life. Midnight Sin is an inside look at the dark and mysterious world behind the cop's badge. Rookie cop Gary Hollings quickly learns that wrestling street thugs and arresting drug dealers while trying to track down a serial rapist is nowhere near as tough as watching his back from his fellow cops. He must also fight his inner demons - ones that he never knew he had until he put on that police uniform. 

Cocaine floods the streets of New York City. Drug cartels are in control. The mob wants their share. The FBI and NYPD have a drug war to fight. But, who are they fighting?
Cocaine was the drug of choice in America during the 1980s and 1990s. The Colombian Drug Cartels controlled drug trafficking with ruthless violence. The cartels were well organized, corrupted entire governments and had so much money, the Mob was jealous. The United States declared war on drugs. New York City was at the heart of the war. The FBI and New York City Police Department joined forces. Work the streets with FBI Agent Bob Douglas and his partner Detective Mark Zucarelli as they stumble into a drug money laundering investigation and find that they don't know who they can trust. Was there more to the drug war than met the eye. Based on the author's years as an FBI Agent assigned to the FBI-NYPD Drug Task Force, this book tells the story from someone who was in the middle of the war on drugs. Hard hitting, raw and realistic, Bad Intent will make you feel that you are right next to the FBI Agents and NYPD Detectives as they take on the cartels and their own agencies

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