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What's up, Server Nation? This is Mighty Mike, the podcast server, and you are listening to processserverdaily.com. I've been super excited about today's episode. If you have a story that you want to tell that you're excited about, maybe a dog chased you, maybe a guy tried to shoot you with his gun, maybe you have a heartwarming story where you helped somebody in needs, guys, I want to hear that story on this show. Go to processserverdaily.com/beaguest. I look forward to speaking to you and hearing your story. Let's get to the show.

What is up, Server Nation? I'd like to introduce myself. This is Episode 0, and my name is Michael Reid. I am known as the Podcast Server. I'm a process server by trade. I own a legal support company in northern California, and I just started this podcasting journey as I started sharing my story with other process servers and private investigators.
I've met a lot of really cool people over the last eight years. We're up to about eight episodes now, and I thought that it might be appropriate to share my story with my audience. I appreciate the time that you're taking to listen to this episode and to learn more about me and about my show.

First, about me, I'm a father of eight beautiful children named Michael, Nicola, Kyle, Kylie, Braxton, Schuyler, Millie, and Brian. They're ranging from 17 years old down to 6 years old. They keep me busy at home. I'd be amiss if I didn't mentioned my beautiful wife Allie. Allie supports me in all of the endeavors that I'm doing, and I couldn't do it without her. I appreciate her very much.

My background started out in sales. I earned the nickname "Ace" when my friend and I were companion salesmen out there in the field. Him and I would go to grocery stores and stand inside the stores. Patrons would come in to do their grocery shopping, and we would solicit them to have a free portrait taken with our studio.

My friend, Mike, and I blew all the sales records in the history of this old company that we worked for. Many things happened between that time and the time that I decided to serve papers. More recently, I was going to school for nursing, and as I was going to school, I had a part-time job delivering prescriptions in my local town of Chico, California. I would get about $2 for each prescription that I would deliver. I was pretty good about delivering about 30 or 40 prescriptions each evening, as I had my route down pretty good.

Well, one day I was blindsided when there was a knock at my door and it was a process server to serve me divorce papers. The guy was really cool. And so, I asked him, "How much did you get paid to deliver this today?" He told me that he got paid $50 to deliver that one piece of paper to me. Most people would have looked down at the papers and stared at them for a while and thought, "Man, I'm getting divorced. This sucks." Not me. I looked at the guy and I said, "How can I get involved in this?" He said, "You've got to know somebody. You've got to know the right people, and you've got to go get trained."

The guy wasn't very helpful, but I'll tell you, he planted the seed. About a week later, I had a live scan in to the Tehama County Clerk Recorder when they gave me a call and said that I needed to register in my local county. I was so excited that since I was near that court, I did it right then and there without researching it.

I decided to go to my local county. I got registered here in Butte County, and I started serving papers almost right away. The person who did my live scan told me about a lady here in my local area who gave away serves, but you had to serve them pretty cheap. I thought, hey, I'll give it a shot.

I went down and spoke to this woman. She was a crabby lady. She didn't want to give me any work until I went to the CALSPRO training. I told her. I said, "I don't know what that is. Where do I go?" She said, "Well, they're usually down in Sacramento, and it's about a two-day, or one- or two-day course." I thought, well, that's fine. I want to start serving papers right away, though.

At that time, she had five servers working for her. Two years later, she started having a lot of health problems, and I was there for her the whole way. All of the other servers at that point had dropped off, being unreliable or unwilling to put up with her crabby nature. I was the only one left. I'm sad to say that she died. She started her business in 1982, which was the year I was born. She knew every attorney, and she had a good name with the attorneys in town. I went from having three or four of my own attorney clients to 30. My business skyrocketed overnight, and it was a bittersweet beginning to my new legal service company.
I was able to take her business of only 30 attorneys and turn it into over 100 attorneys, and started accepting work from affiliate companies. My business now generates over $500,000 a year, and I only have three local servers and two part-time employees. I'm able to do this because I still serve myself, and I'm able to go out and serve 20 or 30 papers in a single evening. We've been able to get some county contracts and some collection contracts, which has been very helpful.In short, that is my story. 

My specialty is in marketing and sales, as you can imagine, and my goal here is to be able to create this type of opportunity and success for others across the nation.
This podcast is not for profit. I do not charge anyone for coming on the podcast, and those that come on the podcast really just come on because we're friends. We have conversations about how they make their business better. I give my two cents. They give their two cents. I do have a set list of questions because I want them to know what to expect.
Ultimately, it is my goal to pull out the best stories from these guys. Some of them have been serving papers for over 30 years. I relish the opportunities to be able to speak to those that have the experience and knowledge to be able to help me in my business; and if they can help me in my business, I know they can help you in yours.

The goal is to post about one episode a week every Monday. If you visit the website at www.processserverdaily.com/podcast, you guys can listen to the episodes each week on Monday. 

Guys, if you want to be on the podcast, visit my website, processserverdaily.com/beaguest

Find some time that works for you, and I look forward to hearing you on the show. Guys, this has been a pleasure being able to record this Episode 0. I feel more connected with you guys already. Please, visit our website, processserverdaily.com, and follow us on social media at podcastserver. That's my tagline on all the social media channels. As always, Server Nation, stay safe out there.
~ Michael Reid, The Podcast Server

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